LHF provides grants to worthy projects that we manage or participate in. Over the past three years, we have provided nearly $200,000 in grants to support the new Legal Horizons Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania Law School as well as projects involving Guatemala, Guantanamo Bay, the United Nations’ Rule of Law initiatives, and investigative reporting generally.


Part of LHF’s mission is to articulate a sensible approach to rule of law enhancement by commenting on the “rule of law movement”, current events in the field, and threats to progress in the area. Clicks on our “Essays and Articles” page for a selection of important or groundbreaking commentary from a wide range of sources, including some writings of our own.

How to Help

LHF is a public charitable foundation and our success will depend on contributions from our supporters. We have no overhead and pay no salaries, and we participate in our projects on a pro bono basis. Grants come from our investment income, our endowment, and contributions from members. 100% of our resources go directly to our projects and grants.

News & Updates


Interview, Penn Law Global Affairs Review

Last Spring, Bob Cusumano spent an hour with one of the Rule of Law Fellows at Penn Law, Patricia Stottlemyer, for a transcribed interview about.. Read More →

UN Launch of SDG 16 Report

We are pleased to announce that the SDG 16 report, entitled “Business and Peace: How the Private Sector can Contribute to SDG 16”, will be launched.. Read More →

Sustainable Development Goal 16

The SDG Fund — — has commissioned a report about Sustainable Development Goal 16, “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”, and in particular about the role of.. Read More →

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About Our Logo

The young lady in pigtails is a graffiti template that appears, with wide artistic variations, on buildings all over Rome.  The version used at LHF was derived from a photograph of the wall of an apartment building, which was then abstracted into black and white.  We believe that this artistic form represents our support for social progress, peace, diversity, and the rule of law, as well as our antagonism toward authoritarianism.  For a look at a photographic exemplar of the actual graffiti, see photo.